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Video items (VHS tape and DVD)Lending Policy

  • 6 video items (tapes and/or DVDs) per household.
  • 12 years old and older may check out video items - under 12 need permission slip. Those under 13 may not check out PG-13 rated materials without a permission slip that includes mention of PG-13 video items by name or rating.
  • Each video item may be checked out for 1 week.
  • $1.00 fine for each day overdue.
  • Each tape should be rewound before returning it to the library.
  • Video items may be returned directly to the video depository.
  • A family's borrowing privileges for video items, if abused, may be revoked.
  • No "R" movies will be issued to patrons under 17 years of age.
  • The patron will be charged replacement cost if the video item is damaged or not returned.
    • Revised 10/13/04

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